World's most versatile light socket camera and smart light!

Upside down, right-side up, outside or inside LightCam works

LightCam: all you need is WIFI and a light socket! 

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About Us

Simple, Quick, and Versatile

LightCam is simple. Just download the LightCam app, Scan the QR code, Screw it in to your desired light fixture, and Connect to your WIFI through the app. 

Smart, Durable, Secure, and Private

  • LightCam's COB LED's last a long time, 15-20 years! By then you'll want to upgrade to the latest LightCam

  • Each LightCam has a unique QR Code, once associated with your account no one can use or access your LightCam without your permission! 

  • LightCam's SmartLight not only allows you to adjust the temperature, color, and intensity of your light, but also control and set rules for your lighting needs. 

  • LightCam comes with about a week of rolling 24/7 storage and features end-to-end encryption. So no one/company has access or ownership of your footage

Adjustable, Proprietary, and Convenient

  • LightCam allows you to film in almost any direction and can be set to auto back-up all footage online. 

  • LightCam features an HD 1080P night-vision enabled wide-angle camera so you won't miss much.

  • LightCam comes with 2-way communication and SmartMotion detection so you'll know and be able to interact with what's going on around your place. 

  • The first of its kind! LightCam allows you to film from within a glass enclosure, while it's patent pending tech and design allow you to minimize light glare. 

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MSRP of light cam will be under $200, but our early backers will get hooked up at more than 50% off! 


Silicon Slopes, Provo, Utah, United States