Don’t be a victim of package theft this back to school season

Don’t be a victim of package theft this back to school season

Summer is coming to an end, which means back to school shopping starts now! Most of us have swapped the store lines for online shopping, which means you can can pick out all your school essentials from the comfort of your home. Pretty great right? While you trade the hassle of crowded stores, online shopping does put you at risk for package theft.

While package theft is not the most heinous of crimes, it does affect a large number of people, causing emotional stress and disrupting your daily routine. The average household receives up to 27 packages per year and over 11 million homeowners experience package theft in the last year alone.

The majority of packages are stolen during the day while homeowners are away at work and during peak seasons throughout the year. Victims often spend up to $200 to replace each stolen package. To make sure packages arrive safely homeowners often have to leave work to make sure packages arrive safely, and if the delivery date ranges they will have to be on guard for multiple days.

This cycle of tracking your packages and rushing home is not a sustainable way to spend a day. So here are five ways to make sure your packages are safe without disrupting your day:

  1. Have your packages delivered to work: Since packages generally arrive during normal work hours having things shipped here means you would be able to recover them easily without breaking up your day. This method is best for smaller packages that can easily fit in your car.
  2. Require a signature: When you send or receive a package you can often select if a signature is required. While this does entail someone being present at the time of delivery, it also guarantees that packages will not be left on the doorstep for others to steal.
  3. Try a lock box: Lock boxes, such as the Amazon lockers can be purchased for packages to be delivered to or you can invest in a lock box of your own that is placed on the front porch. These lox boxes range in size and have a code you can give authorized delivery people.
  4. Monitor your front porch with home security:  80% of homeowners report that they would rather invest in a security camera than pay to replace stolen packages. Luckily there are amazing and affordable options on the market, such as LightCam.
  5. Buddy up with a neighbor: If technology isn’t your thing, then we suggest the old fashioned buddy system. If you have a neighbor you trust, ask them to look out for your packages and take them into their own house if no one is home to recover them.