Connecting you to what matters most.

LightCam is the simple security solution for keeping the things you love safe.

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Meet LightCam

Shipping from the factory fall 2021
The video smartbulb that helps you watch over the things you love. LightCam's innovative technology pairs smart, energy efficient lighting with a discrete built-in camera. No matter what life throws at you, you'll see it coming.

  • Easy Installation

    No drilling, no wires, no hassle. Home security as easy as screwing in a lightbulb.

  • Storage Included

    You get plenty of storage right out to the box to monitor what you want when you want.

  • Peace of Mind

    Our intelligent motion detector alerts you to the things that matter, eliminating wasted time on the things that don’t.

Designed to capture life as it happens

LightCam’s features were purposefully designed to keep you connected to what’s happening at home.

From first dates to making sure the kids get home safe, LightCam lets you capture it all.


LightCam Bulb

Omni LightBulb Camera
  • Crisp Video Feed

    HD 1080p wide-angle lens to give you a clear view of what matters most.

  • Smart Lighting

    Lets you adjust the intensity, color, and hue of the LEDs, so you can have light however you like.

  • Night Vision

    We may not be a ninja, but can help you see up to 25 feet in the dark.

  • 2-Way Communication

    Lets you hear and interact with whomever is at the door right from your smart device.

Like what you see?

The amazing features don't end here. No power, no problem. LightCam's backup battery and storage has you covered. LightCam is design to work inside and outside, with flexible features to meet all of your needs.

Safer systems for every home

We know that LightCam is more than just a security camera to you, it's a connection to what matters most. With that in mind, we encrypted your footage end-to-end and gave each LightCam a unique QR code.

Once the code is associated with your account, the LightCam and its footage can only be accessed by you.

How It Works


Download the free LightCam app and scan the QR code located on your LightCam. 


Twist the LightCam into any desired light fixture and turn the power on. 


Connect LightCam to WiFi using the app and enjoy security anytime, anywhere. 

Eliminate wasted time

Waiting on a package to be delivered or wondering if the dog got out is an unnecessary stress. LightCam lets you check in and then check out, giving you a peace of mind and extra time.