How to install your LightCam

How to install your LightCam

Smart home technology shouldn’t be rocket science, but often times it feels like setting up a new system is overly complex. What’s worse is when you think you have it set up correctly, only to find that it isn’t pairing with wifi or your other smart home devices. This sends you back to square one or waiting on hold for a support team.

LightCam is different, we make installation as easy as screwing in a lightbulb (because that’s basically it). Our wireless home security camera is a simple solution for all homeowners, which means no engineering degree required. If you’ve ever screwed in a lightbulb or connected a device to wifi then you are already familiar with the LightCam Process.

The LightCam process can be broken down into three easy steps:

  1. Download the free LightCam app and scan the QR code located on your LightCam.
  2. Twist the LightCam into any desired light fixture and turn the power on.
  3. Connect LightCam to WiFi using the app and enjoy security anytime, anywhere.

That’s it. You can take your LightCam directly from the box to fully installed in a matter of minutes. Wireless home security is now at your fingertips!